Hardware Junction continues to adapt well to the changing environment with Covid-19 requirements.

HJ is an essential business and we are able to welcome all members at this time, regardless of vaccination status.

Masks are mandatory in indoor spaces in Queensland until 4th March 2022.  Masks must be worn when entering or leaving the facilities and can only be removed during strenuous exercise.

Please STAY AT HOME if you feel unwell in the slightest or have any symptoms whatsoever. If a member of your household is exhibiting symptoms, please also err on the side of caution, especially if they are being tested for Covid-19 and are awaiting results. Worst case you may miss a couple of sessions, but your cautious approach may save a potential exposure at HJ.

Please follow all Government mandates regarding your testing and quarantining responsibilities should you test positive for Covid-19 or be deemed a Close Contact of a confirmed Covid-19 case. Your membership can be placed on an immediate hold. Please email admin@hardwarejunction.com.au and we will arrange for this and will keep in touch with you regarding your safe return to the gym. It is also important for you to make contact so that we may establish whether the gym has had any potential exposure and whether additional cleaning measures are required.

Should a potential exposure in a class or classes at HJ be identified, we will email all class participants as soon as we receive the notification.  These members should actively monitor for symptoms in the days subsequent to the advice, and self-isolate and undertake further testing as necessary, should they become symptomatic.

Once a potential exposure has been identified, Hardware Junction will undertake an additional clean of the premises for the safety of all members.

Please continue to practice appropriate social distancing and hand hygiene measures.

Please ensure that you clean all gym equipment using the ViraSan spray and cleaning cloths provided.