How do I get started?

Jump straight in with a free 1 week trial! With access to every class across our timetable, join as many sessions as you like to meet the coaches, get a feel for our programming and see first-hand the amazing community that is Hardware Junction! To set up a free trial, simply navigate to “Free Trial” on our website menu and select your first class!

How much does does a trial cost?

Our 1 week trial is absolutely free, and there’s zero obligation to join!  


All class reservations are managed using our member app, Zen Planner. You will receive full access to the app during your trial period, and can use it to:

 – View the daily class schedule.  Check out who the coach will be, and who else has reserved to attend.

– Reserve your place in a class.  Reservations are taken up to 7 days in advance.

– View the workouts.  The HJ60 & HJ45 workouts are published at 7pm every evening for the next day!

– Log your workout results.  Whether it be weight lifted, number of repetitions achieved, or time it took to complete a WOD. Track your progress!

– Purchase a membership, add a payment method, review your bills, and manage your profile photo & name.

Do I need to get fit first?

No! Our style of training and program design caters for all fitness levels. Every movement and workout can be modified and scaled to suit where you are at. Our goal is that every member feels supported and comfortable, regardless of your current fitness level or experience.


Our coaching staff are highly qualified and able to customise any session to work around any niggles and injuries.  All injuries and medical issues should be disclosed on our Fitness Questionnaire & Waiver form, and discussed with a coach prior to commencing.

I've never lifted a barbell or trained before, can I still join?

Not a problem! Our coaching staff will guide you through each session and will provide sensible scaling options to ensure that you get a great workout, but go at your own pace and take the time to build up the fundamental movements.

can I bring my children along with me?

We welcome children along to any session, so long as they aren’t on the gym floor and can happily occupy themselves.  We do have a play pen that can be utilised and set up in close proximity, as well as a separate area where kids can safely hang out.

Are there any lock in contracts?

Cancel anytime, no questions asked!  If you’re going away, are sick, or need to press pause for a bit, please contact us!  We are super flexible and accommodating.