HJ Kids & Teens

At Hardware Junction we are passionate about members of any age having access to our classes, and wish to encourage healthy exercise habits in our young people for life. To ensure the safe development of our young people at HJ, we have in place the following class progressions for all members aged 18 years & under.

CrossFit Kids (age guide 5-12 years)

Refer HERE for further information regarding our CrossFit Kids program.

HJ Beginner Teens (age guide 10-13 years+)

Pre-teens aged 10+ with previous CrossFit Kids experience and/or other relevant gym experience, as well as beginner high school teens of any age, are invited to join our HJ Beginner Teens classes on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:15-5:00pm. This class is run concurrently with our open HJ45 HIIT class, with a second coach allocated to specifically work with this age demographic on those afternoons. The focus will be on introduction to the gym environment, including familiarisation with our equipment, class format and gym protocols to ensure that participants are able to move safely. Weights will be kept to an appropriate level, with the focus on developing sound technique and correct movement patterns. Students attending these classes must show maturity, be attentive and be able to follow coaching cues at all times. Free trials are available by clicking on the Free Trial link on our website and selecting the “Beginner Teens” class.

Students (age guide 14-17 years)

Progression of high school teens to further classes across our timetable, integrated with our adult members, is subject to coach approval based upon satisfactory progress in our beginner classes. This includes a sound grasp of all foundational movements, and ability to function completely independently in the gym environment.

** Age guides are an indication only. Progression between levels is subject to coach approval.