HJ60 CrossFit®

CrossFit® is at the very foundation of what we do at Hardware Junction.  The methodology is based on functional movements that have been around for thousands of years: squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling. These movements have survived the test of time for one reason only … they get results!

In our HJ60 CrossFit® classes, we combine gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning in workouts that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity. Workouts will utilise a wide range of equipment, including barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, cardio equipment (assault bikes, rowers, ski ergs), as well as body weight and gymnastics movements, running, rope climbs, sit ups and box jumps to name a few!  Workouts are scalable to suit all abilities so that the workouts are always challenging yet adaptable to your current fitness level.

Every day brings something new so be prepared to get after it!

Two Men doing HIITMen Lifting Heavy WeightsWomen Lifting Barbell RodMen TrainingMuscular Men Training

Women Training