CrossFit Open: 1st-19th March

Get excited HJ! The 2024 CrossFit Open is exactly 2 weeks away, and we would love to see as many HJ members as possible participating and on the official CrossFit leaderboard this year! We also welcome drop-in’s with CrossFit experience who are wanting to participate.

What is the Open?

The CrossFit Open is the largest participatory sporting event in the world, where all members of the CrossFit community will have an opportunity to participate in the competition season. There will be a workout released by CrossFit every Friday morning at 6am AEST over the course of 3 weeks. 24.1 will be the first workout released on Friday 1st March, with 24.2 and 24.3 released at the same time on the following two Fridays.

After the release time, participants in the Open will have a number of days to complete the workouts and submit their scores for inclusion on the official CrossFit leaderboard. For us, we have until 11:00am on the Tuesday following the announcement to have our workouts completed, and scores submitted and validated.

How are we running The Open at HJ?

For the 3-week duration of the Open, we will be completing the Open workout:

  • Friday from 5:15pm “Friday Night Lights” style (1/3, 8/3, 15/3)
  • Saturday morning from 7:30am (2/3, 9/3, 16/3)
  • Monday 7:30am Longevity class (4/3, 11/3, 18/3)

The workouts will involve a briefing session and organised heats of the released workout. Everyone at HJ may participate and are encouraged to give it a go.

Registered athletes with CrossFit will appear on the official leaderboard and will need to be judged by a registered judge who has completed the 2024 judging course to ensure the standards of the workout are upheld. (This is not as scary as it sounds! Think of it as a HJ buddy who assists with counting your reps and checking you are completing the workout as prescribed). If you don’t want to formally sign up, you can complete the workout without being judged, or grab a friend and complete a scoring sheet informally.

Please note that the Open workouts will replace all usual Friday 5:15pm, Saturday 7:30am and Monday 7:30am Longevity programming for the duration of the Open. Saturday at 6:00am will remain as a regular Saturday workout this year.

Some workouts may only be of 10 minutes duration. Some may be longer. Patience will need to be exercised whilst waiting to participate. Classes will not run exactly to schedule. We expect that heats will continually run during these class times until everyone has participated.

We will advise the Open workout on Facebook & Fitbox as soon as it has been released by CrossFit.

What if I can’t make it to those sessions or need to redo a workout?

Registered Samford Valley CrossFit athletes will be able to complete the workout in their own time during gym operating hours, provided you are able to arrange your own judge and work independently and respectfully without impeding on our usual scheduled classes. Open Gym time on Monday or Tuesday morning at 8:30am would be ideal, or alternatively working outside, or with the express approval of the coaching team in quieter sessions.

I’m pretty new to HJ and CrossFit. Is this really for me?

Absolutely! The Open caters for everyone – whether you’re new to CrossFit or have been with us for years. No matter what level you’re at, there will be a version of the workout to suit you, with RXD, Scaled and Foundations to choose from. Having access to the CrossFit Open is one of the reasons we make a conscious choice as a gym to affiliate with CrossFit as a brand, and we would love to see as many HJ members as possible participating! To find out more about this worldwide event, check out the CrossFit website here:

How do I register for the Open?

Jump on board now! Cost is US$20. Remember to search for “Samford Valley CrossFit”. Register here:

Judges Needed!

If anyone would like to join the HJ judging crew,  please visit this link to complete the online judges course:

There is a cost of US$10 for the course, and it takes 60-90 minutes to complete. Registered HJ athletes are strongly encouraged to complete the course, as it gives a great overview of the movement standards expected throughout the Open. Please let the coaching team know if you complete the course and would like to be part of the judging team.

Stay tuned for further information over the course of the next couple of weeks, and see you on the 2024 Leaderboard!