” I joined HJ about 1.5 years ago because I finally felt like I was brave enough to give this Crossfit thing a go. My only mistake was not doing it sooner – life changing! Its not just a place to workout its a family of like minded supportive people pushing you to reach your goal – whatever that may be. Best coaches, best facilities – cannot recommend enough – and I thought I was just joining another gym – so wrong!”
– Narelle Wemyss

post2 “HJ is all about the Community, Coaching and Programming! To me this is vital as I want to be a better athlete and having high level coaching and a program that actually gives you results is hands down why I train there. And not to forget that HJ has one of the best training facilities I’ve trained at! HJ is the whole package! Due to my career I’ve seen and have trained at many gyms but HJ has everything you need and much more.”
– Chris Strange

“For 6 months I was comfortable to “drop & go” as my daughter attended Teen Classes at Hardware Junction – too afraid to set foot in the door, it had been 10 years since doing any real exercise and I was in a dark place at the time. Hardware Junction had this incredible pull but I kept telling myself that I’d give it a try but only once I’d lost some weight and besides, Crossfit looked really complicated, what did the words WOD and RXD even mean?
After much encouragement I was convinced to try the free trial – I sat in the car for 10 minutes feeling physically ill before the class. I asked James whether my daughter could join the adult class to make me feel more comfortable…. That was the day that changed my life, in fact it was the day that helped save it!
I had no idea what I was doing and I couldn’t keep up with the class – but that didn’t matter at all! I had found “my space” – for an hour a day my mind was at peace! Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work – everything worth doing is!! But you have the support and encouragement of everyone there, not to mention my amazing coaches, Bec and James. They have been there every step of the way, whether yelling at me to “Hold On” or jumping for joy at my first push up. The way those little milestones empower you to keep going is indescribable and everyone deserves that feeling of triumph. I can’t write this without mentioning the incredible people I have found there! The ones that are right there beside you; blood, sweat and tears. The ones that see me looking sprightly (NOT) at 5am and the ones that go nuts when I get a PB. After more than a year at Hardware Junction – I have realised that it doesn’t matter what your level of fitness or strength is, it doesn’t matter where your head is at, where you come from or who you are… all that matters, is that there is a place for you at Hardware Junction.”
– Charlene Chombrink

“My name is Paul Stent 54 years old and i work for Star21 Pty Ltd a corporate dealer to Telstra. My late wife Anne Marie was the person that suggested Hardware Junction, she was down in the village with a friend and went in about 2 months after HJ opened up. She came back with the flyer and said I think you would like this, so started in April 2017. I am normally there for the 6 am class, they run for about an hour. I was unfit, had put on a lot of weight and was eating too much. What HJ’s is all about is not just getting and keeping you fit, it has also taught me a better eating plan as well. It is a community, where everybody although are competing for themselves, will be there for the others as well, to support each other. I recently lost my wife, tragically and the people from HJ’s rallied behind me and encouraged me to keep going, especially the guys in the 6 am class. It always put me in a better mental space when I was down there. I am now 14kg lighter, I eat a lot better and I am the fittest I have been for over 20 years. Best asset is the people, Staff, and Trainers, always willing to help you, it is a very social place, have made so many new friends.”
– Paul Stent

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